Conflicts of interests of officials and violations of restrictions on election campaigning in the actions of organizations indirectly related to the “Consent”, are not established


The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) has completed the verification of the payment by the Riga City Council of 46 million euros to foundations and societies. KNAB began to carry out an inspection a year ago, when in a report prepared by the local government at the request of the portal, information appeared that during two years the Riga City Council had paid EUR 45.85 million to societies and funds.

The money was transferred according to the functions delegated by the local government. For example, to participate in the program of preservation of cultural monuments, preschool education, social services and more.

The funds from the Riga City Council were received by 1 thousand 104 societies and funds. In particular, the deputy from the party “Unity” Inese Andersone sounded the alarm when it turned out that the city authorities had been supporting the Latvian Club of Gay and Resourceful for five years and a certain Committee of Humor for a few years.

Financial support of fans of witty jokes and humor in the amount of about 310 thousand euros was also provided by the Riga City Council.

KNAB announced the completion of verification of all these expenses and the verdict that possible conflicts of interests of officials were not detected, as well as violations of restrictions on election campaigning in the activities of organizations indirectly related to “Consent”.

Information about the actions of self-government with financial resources was sent to the State Audit Office.

The check ended against the background of a scandal in Rīgas satiksme and the Riga City Council concerning a bribe and fraud with purchases of buses and trolley buses. An international investigation is underway with the participation of KNAB and the anti-corruption service in Poland. Eight people were detained – six in Latvia and two in Poland.