Friday, September 24, 2021
EMMANUEL MACRON announced a huge increase in spending for the French Armed Forces, in his latest bid to win over voters ahead of next year's Presidential elections. Daily Express :: News Feed
A KANGAROO has been recorded offering its thanks to two men in Canberra who rescued the pack-a-punch animal from a freezing river. Daily Express :: News Feed
FRANCE's sulk following the announcement of Brexit Britain's Aukus defence pact with Australia and the US is set to cost the European Union an eye-watering £35billion by 2025, bombshell new projections have shown. Daily Express :: News Feed
TORIES are plotting to sabotage a Labour vote in the House of Commons tonight, reversing a motion to heap praise on the Government. Daily Express :: News Feed
PRINCE PHILIP was always known as somewhat of a joker but the late Duke's grandchildren are set to reveal how one particular prank would land him in a lot of trouble with the Queen. Daily Express :: News Feed
A MOUNTAIN GOAT has killed a 154 pound grizzly bear after defending itself from the encounter with the beast. Daily Express :: News Feed
BORIS JOHNSON has slapped down Emmanuel Macron, stating the UK does not want to be "adversarial" as the French President continues to rage at being snubbed from the Aukus deal. Daily Express :: News Feed
PRINCESS EUGENIE has laid bare the "lovely moment" when her baby son August met his late great-grandfather Prince Philip for the first time. Daily Express :: News Feed
ARLENE FOSTER has savaged the Irish President's decision to snub the Queen after he declined an invitation to a Northern Ireland centenary event. Daily Express :: News Feed
ARGENTINA is set to beef up its military with a multi-million pound investment in military jets as Falkland Island tensions simmer. Daily Express :: News Feed
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