Saturday, May 25, 2019
DAVID CAMERON’s former head of policy Camilla Cavendish was stunned into silence after a BBC Question Time audience member mocked her for poking fun at Nigel Farage for having a milkshake thrown over him. Daily Express :: News Feed
FORMER advisor to Margaret Thatcher, Nile Gardiner, lashed out at Theresa May’s handling of Brexit, predicting a new prime minister will take over by late summer or autumn. Daily Express :: News Feed
IAIN DALE has insisted there is still one major problem surrounding Theresa May’s reported departure from Number 10. Daily Express :: News Feed
ANNUNZIATA Rees-Mogg has claimed her brother, Jacob, the Conservative MP for North East Somerset, “understood” why she had to leave the Tory Party and run to become an MEP for the Brexit Party in Thursday's European elections. Daily Express ::...
NASA uncovered an “unthinkable discovery” which blew away scientists at the US space agency, a documentary revealed. Daily Express :: News Feed
NIGEL FARAGE gave a rousing speech to a crowd of 3000 supporters on Tuesday night in which he lambasted the “establishment” and claimed it was “absolutely terrified” of the Brexit Party’s success - and listeners flocked to Twitter to...
EXCLUSIVE: A EUROPEAN UNION investigation into Nigel Farage's alleged funding from Leave donor Arron Banks could be fast-tracked, a European Parliament source revealed last night. Daily Express :: News Feed
FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron has warned the European Union is on the brink of an “existential” crisis, as he reiterated his call for voters to shun far-right populism just days ahead of crunch elections for the European parliament. Daily Express...
KATE, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William have stepped out in the blistering sun today to join the Queen in a lavish garden party at Buckingham Palace. Daily Express :: News Feed
THERESA MAY suffered another round of fresh embarrassment after she vowed to get changes made to her Brexit Withdrawal Agreement were rejected by officials in the EU. Daily Express :: News Feed
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