A tin of Riga sprat is no worse than chicken eggs and also deserves millions of likes, say Latvians.


Unknown fans of Riga sprats are hoping to break the record for the number of likes on Instagram, set by a photo of a chicken egg, according to Rus.db.lv.

Over the past year, Kylie Jenner, a member of the TV show “Kardashian Family”, was the author of the most popular photo: her newborn daughter’s photo gained 18 million likes. Total Kylie account 124 million subscribers.

However, on January 4 of this year, a certain joker posted on Instagram a photo of a chicken egg with the caption: “Let’s set a world record together and get an Instagram post with the largest number of likes. Let’s beat the current record Kylie Jenner (18 million).”

At the moment, the egg photos has 44 million likes, this is the most popular photo on Instagram.

Jenner has already responded to the egg record by sharing an Instagram video where she is trying to fry an egg on hot asphalt.

However, this story was continued – a letter came to the editorial office of Dienas Bizness, the authors of which told about the patriotic desire to beat this record with the help of a national product – Riga sprats.

“The other day, our small team learned that a chicken egg (@world_record_egg) broke the world record for the number of likes to publish on the social network Instagram. Immediately, we decided that Riga sprats were no worse and also had the right to such recognition We, the sprats, share the image of our house while we are on vacation ourselves. We do not claim the most popular post in the world, but we will definitely become the most popular post in Latvia, after which the Latvians are in for a special surprise, “the report says.

So far, unfortunately, sprats are far from the record – they have scored less than one and a half thousand likes.