Latvian diplomats provided a 17-second video about winter fun in the Russian capital in the new social network.


This year, the Latvian Embassy in Russia acquired a page in the popular VKontakte network in the Russian Federation, publishing the only non-professional video there at the moment.

At the moment, the community has six subscribers, the contact person has a profile named Emb Emb (presumably, from the English word Embassy) with a birth date of November 18, 1918.

The only entry published so far on the VKontakte page of the Latvian Embassy in the Russian Federation is an amateur video.

“We take only the best from the harsh winter,” – says the phrase with a smiley, accompanying the video.

The rather dark video shows a group of seven or eight people playing hockey in a small area, and the child rolls down a slide on a tubing. The territory is fenced.

The reaction of the subscribers to the record group has not yet followed.

The Russian social network Vkontakte, founded in 2006, currently has 100 million active users per month. 6.5 billion messages appear daily on VKontakte. According to Mediascop, 77% of the Russian-speaking mobile audience use the social network.