Siltumserviss Rīga, the company Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks (RNP) asks all its customers who have problems, to fill out a special online form.


Considering the numerous complaints of residents of Riga about the lack of heating (and sometimes, about the excessive work of radiators) and the fact that it is difficult for residents to reach the operators of Siltumserviss Rīga, the company Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks (RNP) asks all its customers who have encountered this problem, to fill out a special online form.

Going to, you can file a complaint by specifying your name, last name, apartment address and contact phone number, as well as selecting the type of problem from the list provided (“When will I have the heating?”, “Heating started, but the radiators are cold”, “The apartment is too hot”, “Cold water flows from the tap instead of hot water”, “There is no hot water at all”).

Deputy of the Riga City Council Valeriy Petrov on Facebook explained the problems appeared: the cause is the de-aeration of the heating systems connected to the specifics of the systems in each house.

“In one house the problem occurs in apartment 16, in the other – in 53, in another- in 95. The new contractor will be able to find out all these problems only by experience and error correction, individually studying each house and its specifics. Similar Rīgas siltums had problems when switching to automated heating systems in 1997-2000, the situation today is the same.

Under the contract, it is very difficult to punish the contractor, because most of the problems with the air in the system are connected with the unauthorized discharge of the coolant fluid when the inhabitants replace their radiators. For each address, an act and a photographic record are drawn up. The system is refilled and it is technically not possible to immediately detect the airlock until the system is warming up. So there is a vicious circle.

Since there are strong temperature drops on the street, the heating system is automatically switched off during the day and switched on at night. If the valve did not work, then due to a vacuum in the heating system created by the circulating pump, an air blockage might occur again, ”Petrov explained.

As for the current situation of servicing dissatisfied customers, then, as Petrov explained, “everyone calls RNP, Siltumserviss, Riga City Council, Energy Agency and Rīgas siltums”. “The telephone lines are overloaded and people who have had an accident cannot get through, report the accident. Information about the accident does not reach the contractor. As a result, a whole complex of problems arose that led to the situation we have now,” he writes.

Until the end of this week, heating will start in all residential buildings of the municipal house management Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks, promised the representative of the company Karlis Leiskanlns.

Currently, heating began in 2,590 RNP houses, but customer demand for heating exceeds the capabilities of RNP and Siltumserviss Riga. Previously it was planned to turn on the heating until October 20, but now it has been decided to speed up this process.

250 employees of RNP, Rīgas siltums and Siltumserviss Riga are engaged in heating, working without days off.

RNP operates 4,200 buildings in which nearly 170,000 customers receive services.