In the territory of the insolvent factory KVV Liepajas metalurgs other enterprises will soon be able to work – it is planned to develop it as an industrial center.


Under one condition: if the Liepaja City Council, the Latvian Investment and Development Agency and the Privatization Agency agree with each other. Negotiations will last a few more weeks.

After the meeting of the government, where the future of the metallurgical complex was discussed, the director of the Privatization Agency, Vladimir Loginov, told journalists: there is a connection to electric power networks, gas and water on the territory. In addition, enterprises that have bought parts of Liepājas metalurgs already work there.

It is also possible that in this territory, in due course again it will be possible to launch the now owned subsidiary of the Privatization Agency – FeLM – an electric metal-smelting furnace.

“Now one of the main assets is blast furnace, so we, of course, are looking at what to do with it, whether we will find an investor who will use it in Liepaja or take away from here.” The furnace can be dismantled, it is not easy, but it was brought here, so we can take it away, “- explained Loginov.