Eurostat recorded increase of volume of industrial production are increase


As Eurostat reports, the volume of industrial production increased by 7.8 percent. Great results can be praised only by Estonia (+14.5 percent), Romania (+11.5 percent), and Sweden (+8.9 percent). Lithuania increased industrial production growth by only 7 percent.

Overall, 9 states showed a significant increase in production, but compared to the previous month, 4 states showed a decline – in the Czech Republic – by 7.5 percent, in Malta – by 3.2, in Latvia – by 0.4 and in Lithuania by 0.7 percent .

In Spain, the figure remained unchanged.

Luxembourg (+3.4 percent), Estonia, Croatia and the Netherlands (+1.2 percent for each) could boast of the fastest growth in production.

In total, 21 EU member states increased the volume of industrial production in annual terms.

Malta reported a decrease of 1.3 percent, and Ireland – 8.1 percent.

However, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Cyprus and Slovakia did not provide data on the growth of industrial production.