Access for foreign workers to the construction services market in Latvia needs to be facilitated


Access for foreign workers to the construction services market in Latvia needs to be facilitated – the country will benefit from this, the partner of Sorainen Law Office, Lelde Lavina is sure.

Foreign companies in the construction industry often offer lower prices, while taking on greater responsibility compared to Latvian merchants. In order for foreign entrepreneurs to work in Latvia without intermediaries, this market needs to be liberalized, said Sorainen law firm partner Lelde Lavina.

Lavina also spoke in favor of facilitating the process of obtaining a certificate of knowledge of the Latvian language. “Having made it easier for specialists to pass the language exam, we will see that foreign experience will come to Latvia. The local construction market will only benefit from this,” said Lavina.

Today, the issue of solving the problem of labor shortages in Latvia due to controlled immigration was also considered by the Saeimas commission on national economy, agrarian and regional policies. Representatives of the Foreign Investors Council in Latvia, who presented the findings of the recently published investment environment index, were invited to the meeting.

According to the author of the study, Arnis Sauki, the problem of labor shortages seems to be very serious for investors. One of the solutions is to open borders for workers and develop rules governing migration.

In turn, the parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Janis Iesalnieks (VL-TB / DNNL), stated that his party’s position on the import of labor had not changed, and the National Association would not support immigration. “As long as we are in the government, we will not allow mass entry of guest workers,” he said.

He calls for solving the problem of labor at the expense of Latgale, people of pre-retirement age and re-emigration. “I am in politics in order to prevent a new wave of colonization. I will do everything so that this does not happen in a legal way,” said Jesalnieks.