Minister of Health of Latvia Ilze Vinkele made new proposals on the sources of financing health care


Social benefits for microenterprise workers or employees receiving remuneration in Latvia should be the same as for those who work under an employment contract.

Two baskets of medical services should be abolished, and for those who do not pay social benefits at all, a fixed fee must be introduced to join the state health insurance system.

Minister Vinkele believes that Latvia should not treat its emigrants for free.

At the same time, Vinkele proposes to abandon two baskets of medical services, ensuring all insured equal access to all medical services.

Earlier, Vinkele has stated that for several years there has been talk of the fact that the microenterprise tax regime has not justified itself and has become a way of legal tax evasion.

On the question of how to deal with those people who do not pay taxes at all, Vinkele says that the fight against tax evasion is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Health. At the same time, according to the minister, there are no people who do not pay taxes at all, but there are groups who may not pay social insurance contributions. In this case, a mandatory contribution will be provided to join the state health insurance system.

From January 1, the so-called two-basket system, which links access to health care services with a social tax, was to enter into force in Latvia. However, the responsible institutions could not organize the database, so they decided to postpone the reform for half a year.