Riga in figures


If to sum up the results for 2017, then we can see some changes that occurred over 10 years (compared with 2007).

Over the past year, the number of ethnic Latvians, the number of tourists and the debt of the capital have somewhat increased in Riga, but the overall unemployment rate, the number of inhabitants and the amount of investment have decreased.

Briefly in figures:

At the beginning of 2017 there were 701.1 thousand people living in Riga (according to the information of the Citizenship and Migration Board), which is 3.1% less than in 2007. However, there was a noticeable tendency for people to move to the capital, in 2007, 31.7% of the total Latvian population lived in Riga and in 2017 already 33.2%

The number of ethnic Latvians living in Riga has slightly increased:

In 2007, there were 46.2% and in 2017 – 46.8%