New amendments narrow the circle of persons who are not allowed to work as teachers.


The Saeima today in final reading adopted amendments to the law on education necessary for the gradual introduction of a new content-based education.

The amendments also clarify the forms of obtaining education, establishing for the educational institution the right to implement the programs internally, in absentia and remotely. Programs of preschool education can only be mastered internally.

The law on education is supplemented by the norm on teaching in the language of signs in schools for children with hearing impairment.

Self-management from September 1, 2019 are obliged to conclude a contract and participate in financing the costs of maintaining private educational institutions if their services are provided by a public benefit organization or a social enterprise.

The law also includes a new norm on institutions of education for interests of state significance. These are institutions that implement programs of education for the interests and additionally perform the functions of the methodological center of education for interests and the center for further education of teachers.

The Cabinet of Ministers will have to establish the procedure for financing, the criteria and procedure for granting and annulling the status of an educational institution for interests of state significance, and the Ministry of Education and Science will decide on granting this status. These regulations will enter into force on September 1, 2019.

The government will also have to establish quality criteria, the minimum and the maximum allowable number of students in the class.