Equity listeners, do you like prizes? Take our super-fun survey!!!


Hello Equity podcast family, we’re back with another survey.

This is our second go-round with collecting your feedback, notes and vibes.

The first survey we conducted back in the early days of 2020 was super useful in helping us better tune the show. Since then, Equity has grown in frequency and we’ve expanded our production team. So, it’s a perfect time to collect your opinions. You can find the survey here.

If you have listened to the show a few times, or if you listen every week, or if you’ve heard a few hundred episodes, we want to hear from you.

And we’re going to offer some sort of neat reward to a lucky participant. Think things like TechCrunch socks. Or a romantic dinner for you and your partner that Danny cooks. Or Alex may call the person of your choosing to tell them that they have very poor gross margins.

The gist is that we are hungry for your feedback and are willing to pay for the 37 to 94 seconds it will take you to fill out our little Google Form.

We appreciate you, and the time you spend with us. (But really, take the darn survey!)

— The Equity Team

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