Thursday, August 22, 2019
RIOT police have stormed Hong Kong International airport this afternoon to try to disperse the hundreds of protestors who have caused all flights to be cancelled. Daily Express :: News Feed
HONG KONG riot police have stormed the independent territory's International Airport, where protesters were gathered for a fifth day today, and have started beating the crowd in horrifying images from the terminal. Daily Express :: News Feed
An asteroid the size of Big Ben is set to hurtle past the earth this week at a break-neck speed. Daily Express :: News Feed
TORNADOS are set to batter and inflict chaos across Britain, with weather warnings issued for large parts of the country ahead of freak summer storms. Daily Express :: News Feed
RUSSIA has admitted two separate radiation spikes occurred after a deadly explosion at a secret military base, despite only admitting one had taken place. Daily Express :: News Feed
NASA has been tracking an asteroid the size of Great Pyramid of Giza which is travelling at 29,000mph. Daily Express :: News Feed
RUSSIA was testing the nuclear engine of a deadly ‘unlimited range’ cruise missile nicknamed the ‘Flying Chernobyl’ when it exploded killing at least five, a leading Moscow journalist has claimed. Daily Express :: News Feed
BREXIT PARTY leader Nigel Farage has predicted “a massive rupture” inside Europe following Britain’s no deal departure - and revealed which EU leader he thinks will bring down the Brussels project. Daily Express :: News Feed
KATE MIDDLETON made a very awkward request to her friends regarding her name, unearthed documents have revealed. Daily Express :: News Feed
THE MET Office has issued a dire warning to prepare for flooding across Britain as a month of torrential rain teamed with winds of up to 60mph threatens to cut off villages putting lives in danger. Daily Express :: News...
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