Tuesday, February 19, 2019
LUXEMBOURG prime minister Xavier Bettel accused Brexiteers of creating a “Disunited Kingdom” through their lack of preparation for Britain’s EU divorce. Daily Express :: News Feed
THE government has won Brexit victory after signing a deal ensuring trade between the UK and Switzerland continues uninterrupted after Britain leaves the European Union. Daily Express :: News Feed
GERMANY'S famous car-makers will suffer massive losses under a no deal Brexit and more than 100,000 jobs will be at risk, with the country’s lucrative motor sector hit significantly hard, a shock new study has revealed. Daily Express :: News...
STORM Erik will pass over the UK over the next few days but will leave behind it much colder weather as temperatures drop. Daily Express :: News Feed
A NEW technique was invented for tracking Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 after its disappearance, using satellite technology. Daily Express :: News Feed
A PROTESTER has had their hand RIPPED OFF after a grenade exploded during the latest weekend of Yellow Vest protests on the streets of Paris. Daily Express :: News Feed
LABOUR activist Owen Jones was shut down by a former UKIP MEP who defended the Brexit Party's immigration policy on BBC Newsnight last night. Daily Express :: News Feed
THERESA May stepped up her push for a revamped Brexit deal last night by holding talks with the Irish premier in Dublin. Daily Express :: News Feed
VENEZUELANS have expressed their anger and frustration at Jeremy Corbyn’s “disgraceful” response to the current political crisis in their country. Daily Express :: News Feed
THE Milky Way galaxy is barrelling towards towards the Andromeda Galaxy, scientists have warned, as the two star clusters prepare to spectacularly collide. Daily Express :: News Feed
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