Saturday, April 20, 2019
MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry expressed their delight over the Duchess’s pregnancy on their first official engagement since the announcement, but Meghan’s father may not have learnt of the happy news from his daughter herself, according to sources. Daily Express...
Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn should be forced to "eat a cockroach" to settle the terms of the Brexit debate during which they will face off in December, historian John Bew suggested, Daily Express :: News Feed
THERESA May is preparing to force through a second vote on her Brexit deal despite facing a catastrophic defeat in today's “meaningful vote”. Daily Express :: News Feed
GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel's deputy has revealed Germany and the EU avoided world politics, and let the UK and US do the tough jobs - and the blamed THEM when something went wrong. Daily Express :: News Feed
A ROYAL Navy warship has scuppered the chance of a “top-notch” post-Brexit trade deal with Beijing, according to an editorial in Chinese state media. Daily Express :: News Feed
BRITAIN is facing a gas supply crisis as Storm Emma blasts in, bringing two feet of snow today. National Grid, last night, warned huge demand during the big freeze could trigger a countrywide shortage. And the death toll rose...
STORM Brian was hurtling towards Britain last night bringing 24 hours of potentially deadly weather. Daily Express :: News Feed
A GOVERNMENT Minister is said to be on the verge of resigning over Theresa May’s plan to renegotiate her Brexit agreement with Brussels, in an effort to remove or amend the controversial Northern Ireland backstop. Daily Express :: News Feed
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