Thursday, August 22, 2019
IVANKA TRUMP has been mocked after the French Government released a video of the First Daughter awkwardly trying to intervene in a discussion at the G20 Summit. Daily Express :: News Feed
EXPERTS from the Ministry of Defence's Porton Down laboratory have not been able to prove that the nerve agent used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal was made in Russia. Daily Express :: News Feed
A FOUR-week-old baby girl has been found after being sat in the back of an Audi which was carjacked in Birmingham sparking a major manhunt as police confirmed the carjackers are still at large. Daily Express :: News Feed
NORTH Korea is now seen as such a major threat even its historic ally China is working on a plot to assassinate despot Kim Jong-un, in an attempt to avert a nuclear war it has been revealed. Daily Express ::...
JO SWINSON has been announced as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats and has vowed to thwart Brexit and keep the UK shackled to the EU indefinitely. Daily Express :: News Feed
WINSTON Churchill would have banged his fist on the table and called off Brexit, a German MEP claimed today. Hans-Olaf Henkel, whose boyhood home Hamburg was cataclysmically bombed by the RAF on Churchill’s orders, said he believed the legendary...
BRUSSELS diplomats have claimed that the UK has been trying to appear ill-prepared for Brexit talks in a bid lure the EU into a false sense of security, it has been reported. Daily Express :: News Feed
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