Meet 500 Startups’ 25th batch of startups


It’s that time of year again. When startup founders fret for weeks on end as the long-awaited Demo Day approaches. Investors pore through lists of startups participating in various accelerator programs and have their associates ping dozens of founders for coffee meetings.

Demo Day season is upon us. Soon Y Combinator’s latest cohort of startups will pitch to investors for two days, beginning August 19, and 500 Startups, another San Francisco-based accelerator program for early-stage companies, will host its own Demo Day on August 22.

We’ll report live from YC’s Demo Day next month. For now, here’s a closer look at all the startups finishing out 500 Startups’ latest program. As a reminder, through its four-month seed program, the 500 Startups seed fund invests $ 150,000 in participating companies in exchange for 6% equity. The companies below include a mix of fintech, digital health, edtech and e-commerce businesses, 33% of which 500 Startups says are women-led and 40% have Black or Latinx founders.

  • Alluva: Rewards individual users for their blockchain and crypto price predictions.
  • AMPAworks: An inventory management tool focused on hospitals. The startup uses computer vision AI to track and manage inventory in real time.
  • BeatDapp: Helps music labels and artists track their songs to collect royalties by providing real-time audit reports of streaming-play counts.
  • BlackCart: A try-before-you-buy app for fashion e-commerce stores.
  • Blue Studios: The Peloton of STEM education focused on teaching 1 billion kids STEM skills.
  • Blue Wire: A sports podcasting network.
  • Bytez: Helps developers and data scientists work faster.
  • Chemtech: An AI-product for manufacturing plant automatization.
  • Crash: A tool to help people launch their career.
  • Curie: A camera-based AI shopping assistant.
  • Dispatchr: Helps electric utilities prevent wildfires, catastrophes and crippling outages.
  • Docket: A system of record and workflow management SaaS for legal teams.
  • EINO: An AI platform that produces predictive and historical insights on localized population movement and their intention in urban areas for enterprise business users.
  • EZFarming: A marketplace that helps farmers finance their business and sell their produce.
  • FitzyTV: An internet TV platform designed to help consumers watch and record all their streaming TV channels across multiple services.
  • Gentem: A tool that provides instant claims reimbursements for physicians.
  • Glyph: A digitally knit shoe company.
  • Hearo Live: Turns passive media into a powerful, live social experience for games, sports, streaming and more.
  • Heartex: Helps companies quickly build AI products and features.
  • HYVE: Helps users navigate their social media universe by allowing them to follow more people.
  • InnerTrends: A data science service for SaaS that uncovers insights in customer onboarding, retention and engagement without the need for data scientists.
  • KIKI: The first app that pays you for having fun. A social marketplace where you can meet people, and buy and share experiences with them.
  • Lucidact Health: An AI assistant for nurses and case managers to help them know what to do faster and eliminate errors.
  • Nanno: The first on-demand childcare app that lets parents book vetted sitters nationwide.
  • Nanogrid: Building advanced cost calculation technology that enables home energy companies to ensure their customers get the most value out of their products.
  • NewoldStamp: An email signatures platform that turns every employee’s email into a marketing tool.
  • Renaissance: Allows users to earn loyalty points by listening to music.
  • Resonado: Reimagining audio systems for businesses with patented Flat Core Speaker technology.
  • RestAR: 3D capturing and product visualization for e-commerce using AI with any mobile device.
  • Rovilus: Developing safe and reliable battery packs for industrial vehicles and light electric aircraft.
  • Send4: Enables retailers to offer a seamless post-purchase experience to their customers.
  • Sharebee: A vertically integrated marketplace where anyone can book moving and storage in a couple of minutes for half of the traditional price.
  • Tradespace: A global IP marketplace for companies to buy, sell, license and invest in technology.
  • Visionful: Connects smart cities and autonomous vehicles leveraging AI and computer vision to provide full automation for parking and traffic monitoring.
  • Voogy: An IP to domain name database that allows companies to track and discover the anonymous web visitors that do not convert into their sales funnel.

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