Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Solomon Islands Earthquake: Tsunami warning issued following 7.3 magnitude tremor

A severe earthquake rocked the Solomon Islands at 2:03 in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Daily Express :: News Feed

China earthquake: Death toll rises to 74 after 6.8 magnitude tremor...

AN EARTHQUAKE in China has resulted in 74 deaths after a 6.8 magnitude tremor hit its Sichuan province. Daily Express :: News Feed

Haiti earthquake: Death toll nears 1,300 after devastating 7.2 magnitude quake...

MORE than 1,200 people have been confirmed dead following the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Daily Express :: News Feed

Iraq earthquake: Basra rocked by 5.6 magnitude quake

IRAQ has been rocked by a massive 5.6 magnitude earthquake today according to reports from state media sources. Daily Express :: News Feed

Indonesia earthquake: Powerful magnitude 6.2 quake rocks island of Sulawesi

INDONESIA has suffered a powerful magnitude 6.2 earthquake. Daily Express :: News Feed

Philippines earthquake: Huge 5.2 magnitude quake rocks Mindanao – tsunami warning...

THE PHILIPPINES has been struck by a huge 5.2 magnitude earthquake. Daily Express :: News Feed

‘Ground trembling’ Air Force scrambled to Yellowstone after terrifying 7.3 magnitude...

YELLOWSTONE park visitors were left terrified after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the area in the middle of the night, forcing the United States...

Papua New Guinea tsunami warning issued as TERRIFYING 7.3 magnitude earthquake...

A TSUNAMI warning was briefly issued after a terrifying earthquake rocked Papua New Guinea. Daily Express :: News Feed

Chile earthquake: Chile hit by 6.8 magnitude quake near Santiago

A HUGE 6.8 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Chile today according to the USGS. Here are the latest updates on the...

Puerto Rico earthquake: Colossal magnitude 6.3 quake strikes Caribbean island

A COLOSSAL earthquake has hit the island of Puerto Rico according to reports. Daily Express :: News Feed
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