The unemployment rate in Latvia


As of April, the unemployment rate in Latvia was 7.4% and this figure was slightly higher than the EU average, according to Eurostat’s European statistical office data on 24 EU countries.

However, there are countries where the unemployment rate is even higher, in Spain it is 15.9%, in Italy 11.2%, in France 9.2%, Croatia 9.1%, Cyprus 8.6% and Finland 8.1 %.

The lowest unemployment rate in April was registered in the Czech Republic (2.2%), Malta (3%) and Germany (3.4%).

In Lithuania, unemployment was 6.9% in April.

In the EU, the average unemployment rate in April was 7.1%, the figure compared to February and March did not change significantly. And this is the lowest indicator of September 2008. In April 2017, the unemployment rate in the EU was 7.8%.

In the euro area, the average unemployment rate in April was 8.5. In April 2017, it was 9.2%.

According to information provided by Eurostat, in April, 17.462 million people were out of work in the countries of the European Union. And in the euro area, another 13.88 million people did not have a job.

Information about unemployment in April in Estonia, Greece, Britain and Hungary is not available.