The security police of Latvia stated that it had nothing to investigate in the incident with the appearance of a flag with a swastika on the selebration of 100 aniversary of Latvia


The Security Police (PB) of Latvia stated that the incident with the use of the Nazi swastika during the torchlight procession in Riga on November 18 is beyond its competence, and transferred the case to the State Police.

During the celebration of the centenary of independence of Latvia on November 18, a group of people with flags depicting the swastika appeared – not only left-handed (ugunkrusts, a traditional symbol of Latvian folklore), but also Nazi – in Old Riga. By law, Nazi symbols are forbidden to use when conducting public events. Representatives of the Riga municipal police said they did not see violations in the appearance of the swastika during the march. The PB said that after receiving the appropriate appeal, they began checking for the presence of flags with a swastika.

“The security police completed an inspection, concluding that there was no evidence of a criminal act in the incident, the investigation of which would be in the (competence) of the Service. At the same time, the Service sent the State Police material to assess whether the incident did not violate the restrictions established by the security of public entertainment and holiday events, “- said a statement from the department.

The State Police confirmed receipt of the material from the Security Police.

In accordance with the current legislation, the violator of the order of organizing and conducting events is threatened with a warning or a fine of up to 350 euros.

The torchlight procession on November 18 was attended by about 25 thousand people. The marsh was organized by the National Association. According to the general secretary of the party, Raivis Zeltits, people with flags with a swastika had no relation to them. Human rights activist Janis Kuzins earlier sent statements to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Latvia and the Riga City Council demanding that the organizers of the march be held responsible for using Nazi symbols.

In an interview with Sputnik Latvia, the human rights activist and the head of the “Unification against Nazism”, Janis Kuzins, noted that the Riga City Council would really have to deal with this trial, but it had already refused it twice.

“In fact, the Riga City Council is engaged in observing processions and may initiate administrative cases against the organizers. But they simply said once that it was not their competence. I disputed this decision of the Riga City Council. For the second time, they sent a letter to the state police, although again they simply run away from their competence, “said Kuzins.