The Riga municipality enterprise SIA Rīgas satiksme will try to sell several trams, buses and cars at auction.


On November 20, Rīgas satiksme intend to sell 12 trams at auction. The oldest tram was made in 1980, its “mileage” is 715 thousand kilometers, the price is 1336 euros (without value added tax).

Six more trams are made in 1991, during operation in RS their mileage is more than one million kilometers. The cost of these trams is also 1336 euros each (without VAT). The initial price of the most expensive tram available at auction is 1919 euros (excluding VAT), it was released in 1986, with the mileage of a total of 870 thousand kilometers.

At the auction, it will also be possible to purchase six Ikarus brand buses belonged to the same company (RS). Three buses produced in 2002 and cost 540 euros (without the VAT). The starting price of the Ikarus made in 2006 with a mileage of 221 thousand kilometers is 645 euros, and the Ikarus of 2004 with a mileage of 804 thousand kilometers is 550 euros.

Two Mercedes-Benz buses produced in 1997 are also on sale. The starting price of one of them (with a mileage of 660 thousand kilometers) is 1,700 euros, the other (827 thousand kilometers) is 6,261

In addition, RS is going to sell 24 cars at auction. In particular, the initial price of two Citroen Berlingo models produced in1998 is 90 euros (without VAT) for each. Prices for the rest of the cars, released after 2000, range from 800 euros to 2,600 euros.

Rīgas satiksme invites all interested to get acquainted with the available fleet.