The minimum wage remains the same…


The previous government left a legacy of the increase in the non-taxable minimum and the increase in benefits for dependents, which slightly increased the incomes of the population. However, the increase of the minimum wage of 430 euros in 2019, most likely, will not take place, the newspaper Neatkarīgā writes.

For seven years, this situation develops for the first time. As part of the tax reform, amendments were already made last year to laws stipulating that next year the amount of non-taxable minimum income will be 230 euros (this year 200 euros), and in 2020 this amount will be 250 euros.

With an increase in the non-taxable minimum, the income limit to which the tax will not be applied will also increase – in 2019 the non-taxable minimum will not apply to incomes above 1,110 euros per month, and 2020 to incomes above 1,200 euros per month