The mayor of Riga


In Latvia, there are groups of people who have a great desire to overthrow the mayor of Riga, Nil Ushakov, and the Riga City Council coalition. Okay. But it is not yet clear what the rest of this Parliament coalition actually is. Where is any professionally sound, programmatically ordered alternative to the development of the capital? And on a broader scale – the state?

If the current ministers of education, health, welfare, and the economy have only a split of the budget and some fragmentary convulsions, if they have no comprehensive programmatic vision, if it’s not clear to them what will happen in 2021, then they don’t match their level of office.

Nowadays, it is time to understand that the State does not rule us, but provides services to the people. And as a service provider, they need to be aware of both their mission and their place. Either the parliament gathers and acts, or goes away. The people want to see a working Saeima, not a clown from the circus arena.