The majority of enterprises in Latvia have tax debts


About 20% of companies registered in Latvia owe the state at least 150 euros. This is evidenced by data from Lursoft research.

30% of debtors have a registered guarantee, 15% of them suspended, almost 14% are in the process of liquidation. In total, these companies owed Latvia 264.5 million euros.

8% of all debtors are construction companies. They must pay around 25.5 million euros.

About 15% of debtors have foreign capital, and in most cases its share is more than half. Usually it is the capital of investors from Russia, Lithuania and Estonia. Most of these enterprises are related to real estate, cargo transportation and the food industry. In total, they must pay 196 thousand euros.

The majority of enterprises owned by foreigners and having tax debts are registered in Riga – 72%, the minority – in Vidzeme (2.53%) and Zemgale (2.84%).

Record holders of tax evasion – Riga and Riga region. Tax problems have a quarter of the Riga companies and one fifth of the companies of the Riga region. The most conscientious turned out to be entrepreneurs of Kurzeme and Vidzeme – there are only 15% of non-paying companies.