The Latvian Border Guard lacks more than 200 employees


The Latvian Border Guard lacks more than 200 employees, told the head of the State Security Committee Normund Garbars.

The technical support of the border guard is now at the minimum necessary level. But bringing the state border into order is still a priority, for which there is a clear plan. It iis being carried out on the border with Russia, iand Belarus has concluded an agreement on ordering the border.

This year on the Latvian borders 127 people were detained – more than for the whole last year, when 120 offenders were detained. Garbars connects this with the measures taken around the border.

Border guards most often detain Vietnamese, but this year there were a lot of citizens of third countries who tried to get to Latvia on the passport of the fan after the football championship that was held in Russia.

But the number of detained conductors of the people who violate the border is less, as they changed tactics and do not escort violators across the border, but leave them until they cross it, Garbars said.