The consolidated turnover of the leading Latvian catering company Lido in 2017 increased, reaching almost 51 million euros.


The profit of Lido in the last year amounted to 1.1 million euros, it is planned to be used for further development.
In 2017, the company had just over 1,300 employees.
Chairman of the Board Lido Maris Blumbergs pointed out that in 2018 the priority would be to increase the market share and continue the introduction of innovations.
“In order to increase the market share, a strong emphasis will be placed on developing a new nutrition concept. For example, Lido Vērmanītis Grilētava already operates, where everyone has the opportunity to cook their own food on the grill, and Vrapotava, or a zone where customers can cook their own wrap. It is planned to expand the industry both in Latvia and in other European countries, and the company will work hard to introduce innovations, for example, robotic services in one of the Lido restaurants, “ the head of the company said.
In total, the Lido Group owns thirteen fast-food restaurants in Riga, three in Tallinn and two in Berlin, three retail stores in Riga, as well as meat processing and dairy products in Riga and Berlin.