The biggest debts and salaries of Latvian officials in 2017 are announced


Due to the sale of real estate, the highest incomes among government officials in 2017 were got by Ilona Spure, the head of the Prison Department, Anda Caksa, Health Minister, and Ilmars Riimsevics, the President of the Bank of Latvia, with his biggest income, according to the consolidated data on declarations on incomes of state officials submitted to the State Revenue Service.

The revenues of Spure last year amounted to 274 thousand euros, the largest part of which came from the sale of real estate. Caksa’s revenues reached 262 thousand euros, also mainly due to the sale of real estate. Rimsevics revenues amounted to 223 thousand euros, the largest part of them was the salary in the position of the head of the central bank – 144 thousand euros. This is the highest salary among government officials.

The salary of the manager of the State Treasury Kaspar Abolins in 2017 amounted to 69.6 thousand euros, the Minister of Internal Affairs Rihard Kozlovskis and the Minister of Education and Science Karlis Shadurskis got 64 thousand euros each, the Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis and the Minister of Communications Uldis Augulis – 63 000 Euro.

The largest accumulation in the past year was declared by the chairman of the Constitutional Court Ineta Ziemele – 327 thousand euros. The monetary savings of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Edgar Rinkevic amounted to 310 thousand euros, the ones of the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Communications Caspar Ozolins – 256 thousand euros.

The greatest debts in 2017 were declared by the director of the Judicial Administration Edvin Balsevic – 158 thousand euros and the general director of the State Environmental Service Inga Kolegova – 151 thousand euros. The largest amount in debt was given by the Minister of Agriculture Janis Duklavs – 322 thousand euros.