Termination of non-citizen status in the Republic of Latvia which was initialized by president is refused


“A weighted decision of the government is important, because all children who live in Latvia are our children, including both existing and those who have been just born. It’s time to stop assigning the status of an alien, because we are a European country, we live in a progressive state and should be ready for the challenges of our time,” Vejonis said. The President organized a debate in the Riga Castle on “Termination of non-citizen status in the Republic of Latvia” in order to discuss with experts his initiative on allowing non-citizens of Latvia to become citizens of that country according to the fact of birth in case if their parents do not want to give them the citizenship of any other country. The president stressed the need to “step over the threshold and be courageous.” “The time has come to stop giving the status of aliens in Latvia,” said President Raimonds Vejonis, opening today a discussion on the legal and practical aspects of the problems.

Vejonis emphasized that the discussion is important both for society and for Latvia as a whole, and that it will help to develop and formulate relevant legislative proposals that the president can put before the Saeima next week. The President said that the registration of newborns as non-citizens should end, otherwise the vicious circle would never end, and people should not be afraid to break the status of a non-citizen. However, nationalist parties subjected this initiative to severe criticism. Representatives of the Unity Party also rejected this idea on the grounds that there was no point in dealing with this issue until making a unified decision on the part of all party members. Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis (Green / Peasants) said that this issue was not a subject of discussion, given the position of the Nationalist Party. The prime minister refused further comment on the president’s initiative. “The government is stable, and I would not want to start a discussion that could affect this stability,” he said.