Shortly about the unemployment rate in Latvia…


At the end of May, the registered unemployment rate in Latvia was 6.4% of the economically active population, which is 0.3% less than the same rate at the end of April (6.7%), the State Employment Agency (GAS) reports.

At the end of May, there were 59,548 unemployed registered in the country, which is 2334 people less than in April (61,882 unemployed).

The lowest unemployment at the end of May was in the Riga region – 4.1%, which is 0.1% less than April. The highest unemployment rate was registered in Latgale region – 15.4%, which is 0.5% less than April.

In Zemgale, unemployment decreased by 0.4% and consisted 6%, in Vidzeme – by 0.5% and was 6.6%, in Kurzeme – by 0.3% to 7.1%.

In Riga, unemployment at the end of May was 3.9% compared to 4% in April.