Saulkrasti rebuild public toilet for 100 000 euro.


The total cost of the rebuilding of public toilet in Saulkrasti (Latvia) estimate of 100,000 euros.

The public toilet was rebuilt near the White Dune (in Saulkrasti), but it was also necessary to dismantle the old building, which cost about a third of the budget allocated for the project.

According to the estimate, self-management expenses for a new toilet, which was opened the other day, amounted to 100 574 euros. In the regional Duma they note that “repair was carried out in accordance with modern requirements” and refer to high prices in the construction industry.

“Using high-quality materials, the old, morally and physically obsolete buildings have had an attractive appearance,” said government of Saulkrasti.

In the toilet there were installed shockproof plumbing, motion sensors, LED-lamps. Officials emphasize that the building is sheathed with thermal hoses, heated and ventilated.