Restrictions on air travel in Latvian airspace


Restrictions on air travel in Latvian airspace have been recently established. The actual reason is the conduct of military exercises Saber Strike. Therefore, changes in the schedule of aircraft departures are possible at Riga airport.

Therefore, representatives of the airport urge passengers to arrive at the airport in a timely manner and monitor the current information.

As confirmed in the Department of Civil Aviation, all planned restrictions have been developed jointly with the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation. These changes affect the airspace from Vilnius to Sweden. The list of restrictions is publicly available on the Internet at and anyone can read them.

It is worth recalling that the international military exercise Saber Strike will be held in Latvia from 3 to 15 June under the leadership of the US armed forces in Europe. The main goal of the exercises is to improve the cooperation of NATO allies and regional alliance partners and also increase the combat readiness and response capabilities. In these exercises, a multinational combat group deployed in the framework of NATO’s expanded presence in the Baltic States also participates.