Pobeda Confectionary opens a new production line in Ventspils.


The new production line requires investment of more than 10 million euros. To date, Ventspils confectionery factory has already invested more than 2 million euros. It is planned to use the new line to produce chocolate waffle sweets, as well as the famous porous chocolate.

The factory already employs 29 people, and the planned expansion of production will create additional jobs. Just after the opening of new lines, the Ventspils factory will be able to produce up to 10,000 tons of chocolate per year.

Ventspils factory exports products to Germany, the USA, Bulgaria, Hungary, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia.

The basic capital of Pobeda Confectionery is 3060 euros, 90.2% of shares belong to the Cyprus-registered Adellaar Holdings Limited, the rest of the shares to Russian citizens Vitaly and Olga Muravyov.