Morressier makes it easy to share early research


By the time you hear about a research project online or in the news it’s probably already gone through countless iterations and changes. Until Morressier, however, that early stage research was done separately by researchers who barely interacted with each other.

Morressier is a service for early stage research. This means it allows researchers to “raise the profile of their conference posters, presentations and abstracts and showcase their work from the very beginning.” Because most early stage research appears at conferences few of us ever see, by making projects more visible at those conferences we all get better research.

“We focus exclusively on the findings from the earliest stage of the research process, content that was traditionally restricted to halls of universities and conferences,” said co-founder Sami Benchekroun. “By bringing this content online and making it accessible, scientists can avoid repeating their peers’ mistakes and easily build on each other’s findings.”

“We help scientists showcase and gain attribution for their previously hidden early-stage research via individual DOIs. On the basis of our content we can showcase signals and trends in science at a far earlier stage than our competitors,” he said.

The service is live now and has raised over $ 6 million with help from Redalpine and Cherry Ventures.

“After witnessing the vital exchange happening at academic conferences around the world firsthand, the cofounders were inspired to launch Morressier to digitize the traditionally offline research from these events and ensure the conversation continues year-round. Our aim is to help scientists make progress faster by making previously hidden early-stage research discoverable and accessible,” said Benchekroun.

I spoke to the founder at Disrupt Berlin this year. You can check out the video below.

Europe – TechCrunch