Latvian government approved the official position on the British exit from the European Union.


This position will allow Latvia to vote in the European bodies when the issue on the agreement on Brexit will be resolved. But, given the growing political uncertainty within the UK, it is not known whether Latvia’s opinion will matter.

The official Latvian position, which includes elements of the protection of the socio-economic rights of Latvians in the UK, will enter into force only if the British themselves next week ratify in the parliament both the agreement on their exit from the EU and the declaration on future relations.

If the UK leaves the EU without a legally binding agreement, it will mean that it will not be possible to immediately protect the rights of Latvians and their enterprises in the United Kingdom.

The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which protects the interests of export enterprises, has already expressed concern about this. The political director of the chamber, Katrina Zarina, recalls that in the event of a “tough” Brexit border control will resume.

There are concerns that after Britain’s leaving the EU, the UK may introduce new certification requirements for imports – including goods and services from Latvia.

The union of Europe’s Latvians calls on the Latvian government to speak louder in the EU about protecting the pension savings of Latvian citizens after Brexit. There are concerns that there will be problems with the transfer of social benefits from the UK to Latvia.

Regardless of what Brexit will be, payments from the Latvian budget will be required to adapt the system to the new conditions. It is projected that this year alone, these expenses can reach from 2.6 to 4 million euros.

In addition, after the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, Latvia’s contribution to the EU budget will increase by an average of 8%.