In Latvia, tolerance for domestic violence is higher than the EU average


According to the report of the Ministry of Welfare on violence against women and domestic violence in 2016, the level of tolerance for domestic violence in Latvia is higher than the average in the EU countries

Every third citizen of the country believes that domestic violence is a private matter and must be resolved within the family.

In Latvia, there is a pronounced tendency to blame the victim for what happened. According to polls, more than half of the population believes that women themselves provoke violence. Also popular is the idea that women often come up with or exaggerate when they say that they have been raped.

According to the Ministry of Welfare, women in Latvia are hindered from receiving the necessary assistance not only because of the public opinion but also from lack of information about the possibilities of support. Only half the population is aware of the existence of support services for women affected by domestic violence

For many years, various international organizations have consistently pointed Latvia to the shortcomings of the legal system and very limited opportunities to receive assistance in cases of violence.

From strangers, women and children suffer less often than from acquaintances and close people. About 80% of all reported cases of violence against children and 40% of cases of violence against women occur in the family.

According to the European Institute for Gender Equality, in Latvia the costs of eliminating the consequences of partner violence amount to 442 million euros per year.