Foreign drivers are still ignoring the receipt of the Latvian police for violating the rules of the road.


Of the eight million euros of fines issued by the police since the beginning of this year, four million, obviously, will remain unpaid.

It’s not just about speeding. This includes fines and for other violations, for example, for improper parking or violation of the rules of transportation. Their proportion changes. But the trend continues – every year there are more and more violations.

The representative of the State Police Andris Lots notes that the most malicious defaulters of fines live in close proximity to the Latvian border and can cross it without hindrance. These are Lithuanians, Poles and inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries.

The most serviceable are Russians and Belarusians. In the case of them, the situation is clear – if the fine received in Latvia is not paid, the alien who entered on a visa will not be released from the country. Sometimes a part of the fines is paid directly at the border.

The general picture is as follows – penalty receipts are still ignored by half of auto-violators. Every second foreign driver either leaves with a receipt or, having received it by mail, throws it out.