Facebook plans to open a representative office in Riga


In the coming months, Facebook plans to open a representative office in Riga in order to conduct moderation of publications in Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian. It is planned to employ about 150 people.

The office staff will identify and block those records that incite hostility, contain calls for violence and terrorism, and sow panic. It is planned to more actively respond to complaints about misinformation and fake accounts.

The NATO Center for Strategic Communication welcomes the arrival of Facebook in Latvia. As the head of the center Janis Sarts said, he had repeatedly sent information to the management of the social network about how various interest groups manipulated public opinion, damaging democratic processes.

We are talking about organized campaigns in which these networks are used to influence individual states.

They operate not only in Facebook, but also Instagram, and WhatsApp, and each of the platforms is used for large-scale disinformation campaigns, sometimes with very disastrous consequences, “said Sarts.

Director of the NATO Center hopes that with the opening of the office, cooperation with Facebook will become closer and it will be possible to fight more effectively with manipulative campaigns.