Monday, October 25, 2021
THE National Grid could be at risk of a cyber attack after a hacker group linked to China create a “back door” in software used by big businesses. Daily Express :: News Feed
BRITAIN has “no real strategy” when it comes to the Brexit negotiations Angela Merkel's right-hand man has claimed as Germany threatens to hold up Britain leaving the EU. Daily Express :: News Feed
TWO planes have crashed into one another at New York's JFK Airport. Daily Express :: News Feed
JEREMY Corbyn's cabinet has been left in chaos again as MP Sarah Champion resigned today citing her "extremely poor choice of words" in an article on the Rotherham child abuse scandal. Daily Express :: News Feed
UK Government will make a mockery of Project Fear by today unveiling a blueprint to keep a frictionless border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, ensuring that the peace process continues. Daily Express :: News Feed
THE situation on the Korean peninsula is “more concerning than ever” following yet another sabre-rattling tirade, a global finance group has warned. Daily Express :: News Feed
KIM Jong-un has ordered his army to “be ready to strike at all times” after he received a report from his military chiefs on a plan to launch missiles towards the US territory of Guam, state media reported. Daily Express...
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