Saturday, February 27, 2021
JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER suffered an embarrassing moment when he received a private call during a press conference. Daily Express :: News Feed
JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER has cancelled the European Commission’s Article 50 staff leave in August because of the “limited progress” made on Brexit. Daily Express :: News Feed
YVETTE COOPER was blasted by a Sky News host after the former Labour leader contender attacked Amber Rudd’s Brexit immigration policy push. Daily Express :: News Feed
JEREMY Corbyn's spending plans could cost taxpayers an extra £5.8 billion a year in debt interest, new Tory analysis showed last night. Daily Express :: News Feed
GINA MILLER was blasted for her negativity over Brexit talks as she accused Britain's negotiating team of not sending the EU a plan for the first stage of talks. Daily Express :: News Feed
NIGEL FARAGE took a swipe at Amber Rudd over the time it has taken to kick-start new UK immigration policy for after Brexit. Daily Express :: News Feed
PHILIP Hammond wants to negotiate a transitional deal with the EU which would see the UK stripped of influence in Brussels – but forced to accept free movement rules, continued budget contributions and meddling from the European Courts. Daily Express...
BRITAIN’s new “colossal” aircraft carriers will be deployed to the disputed South China Sea amid mounting World War 3 tensions in the region. Daily Express :: News Feed
AT LEAST 48 people have been injured after a rush-hour train ploughed into metal barriers at a station in Barcelona. Daily Express :: News Feed
BILL Etheridge wants Nigel Farage back leading Ukip, fearing it is on the brink of becoming “the zombie party”. Daily Express :: News Feed
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