Friday, May 29, 2020
A THOMSON flight to Majorca has been diverted to London Gatwick due to a midair “emergency”. Daily Express :: News Feed
POVERTY across the European Union has reached new levels while the Brussels elite continues to preach about unity and success. Daily Express :: News Feed
SMUGGLERS have been flying illegal immigrants into small British airfields and charging £900 for “guaranteed entry”, a report has claimed. Daily Express :: News Feed
A DOZEN inmates, including two men jailed for attempted murder, have broken out of prison, authorities in Alabama in the US have revealed. Daily Express :: News Feed
NORTH Korea has been parading missiles through its streets, showing off its military might - but this weekend it was Vladimir Putin’s turn and Russia revealed why it has a navy to make NATO forces nervous. Daily Express :: News...
TWO US Air Force bombers have flown over the Korean peninsula as fears of war with the hermit nation continue to mount. Daily Express :: News Feed
AUSTRALIA’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed security forces have "disrupted" a terror plot to bring down a plane. Daily Express :: News Feed
A TORY Brexiteer has issued a stark warning to “Remoaners” railing against Brexit, insisting the UK is “checking out and leaving” no matter what. Daily Express :: News Feed
A FORMER British soldier who fought ISIS in Syria has been arrested on holiday in Turkey, reportedly being accused of “being a member of a terrorist organisation”. Daily Express :: News Feed
SADIQ Khan has urged Labour to “trump” Brexit, claiming the will of the people could be usurped if the left-wingers included the policy in an election manifesto or promised another referendum. Daily Express :: News Feed
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