Business complains: electricity bills rose by 40-100%


The new electricity bills for January grew by 40-100% on average due to the change in the model of financing the mandatory purchase component (MPC) in comparison with the December accounts. Chairman of the board of the company Latvijas Ceļu būvētājs (LCB) Andris Berzins told the agency LETA.   

Latvijas Ceļu būvētājs society (LCB) are surprised by the incompetence and indifference of the Ministry of Economy in the context of changes in electricity prices, he said.

The LCB sent a letter to Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis urging to identify and punish the perpetrators and promptly make changes to the financing model of  the mandatory purchase component  in order to prevent the destruction of the road building, agricultural and other branches of the national economy.

Road and bridge building enterprises can’t abandon the power consumption required by the summer during intensive work in the winter. Periodic power reduction is also not a solution, as changing the connection fee twice a year will cost the company even more, explained Berzins.

As reported, due to changes in the financing model of the mandatory purchase component, the accounts of Latvian peasants for electricity in January were 40-60% higher than December’s.

This also surprised Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis. This week Minister of Economy Arvil Asheradens instructed the experts to collect all the data and give an assessment of the situation. On Friday, Asheradens convenes a meeting on improving the reform of the mandatory purchase component.