Bergmanis: Latvia wants to get explanations from Russia about missiles that were not fired

12.Saeimas deputāts Raimonds Bergmanis nodod svinīgo zvērestu jeb solījumu no Saeimas tribīnes.


For the second time missile firings over the Baltic Sea were not carried out at the time declared by Russia, Defense Minister Raymond Bergmanis said in the TV program “Morning Panorama”.

It is difficult for him to judge why Russia has acted this way for the second time – first they declare about the exercises and ask to close the airspace, but then they do not conduct exercises, so Latvia ask for clarification.
When asked if Latvia could not agree to the exercises and not to close the airspace, Bergmanis did not answer directly, but said that the Latvian responsible authorities would gather all the information and would think about further steps. The air space above the Baltic Sea is used very actively, so frequent actions of that kind are a hindrance.