Bank Citadele closed the accounts of a company operating in Latvia for 20 years


As it became known to mass media sources, a well-known Latvian bank stopped servicing accounts of a Latvian company operating on the market for more than 20 years. Other banks also refuse to open a new account. And as a result, the company can no longer operate in normal mode.

One of the readers who owns the accounting firm sent a letter to the editorial office. The woman told the newspaper that she received a letter from Citadele Bank informing her that the bank was ending cooperation with her both as a private person and a company.

The bank did not provide any detailed explanations for the reasons – except for a letter stating that in accordance with the law on preventing money laundering and financing of terrorism, it was decided to stop cooperation and close accounts.

The owner of the enterprise told the mass media that they (she and the company) had neither loans, no leasing. Citadele Bank takes over all the clients of ABLV Bank, but probably Citadele simply wants to get rid of the customers who do not make a big profit. She asks why they ruin the reputation of a 20-year-old enterprise making all other banks believe that it is connected with terrorists or illegal cash flows. In its turn, the bank denies its guilt by referring to the law and the fact that it has the right not to provide the client with detailed information on the reasons for closing the account.