207 people were deprived of Latvian citizenship


The number of people deprived of Latvian citizenship in 2017 reached 207 and 202 people refused it voluntarily.

This number significantly exceeds the number of people who lost their citizenship a year before. In 2016 only 107 individuals lost Latvian citizenship.

Almost all of them  have a second citizenship. As a rule, this is the citizenship of Russia or Israel.

We remind that according to the Latvian legislature Russia is not included in the number of countries, which citizenship is allowed for for citizens of Latvia as the second one. There are only  some exceptions .

The Citizenship Commission has repeatedly received a request for an amendment to the law on the possibility of granting dual citizenship from the UDMI (Citizenship and Migration Affairs).

But as it became known from the representative of the commission, there would be no review of the amendments  before the elections